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Theft Alert
Author: Terry Faulkner

Attached is a copy of the description of items taken from our home July 13 2006 that I prepared for the Kamloops RCMP. Each model, even if it starts off as an ARF or even a kit quickly becomes somewhat unique because of the engine used, the servos and radio system used and the general set up along with specific decals.

Whoever stole these models and the flight box will either attempt to use them personally or sell them. If they attempt to use them locally they will need a Transmitter on Channel 42 or a channel 42 crystal. To the best of my knowledge no one else locally uses channel 42. As they did not get the wings for 2 of the models they will have to order replacement wings if they or someone else wants to fly them.

Alternatively if they wish to sell them I have already contacted the local pawn shops but need MAAC members help to spot them if they turn up somewhere else.

The RCMP tells me that there is a strong likelihood that they will be moved out of town to somewhere else in BC or Alberta. If the MAAC members in these areas can keep an eye out there is a chance that these people can be caught.

I think we need to send a message to the bad guys that due to our very strong network stealing RC stuff is not easy to unload, and that they will quickly be caught. If we can remove the profit motive then perhaps we will all be better off in the long run.

Here are the descriptions:

Dynaflite Spitfire Mark IV
This model was built from a Kit and modified extensively. The model is constructed with balsa wood, Beech wood and aircraft plywood. It is covered with Coverite and dope, then painted in Mediterranean camouflage colours. The squadron markings are of the Canadian squadron form Winnipeg. Unfortunately I do not recall the exact letters. It has Pneumatic retractable landing gear, both Spring Air and Robart systems, with Robart scale wheels. Of special note on the wing is the pressure gauge made to look like a refueling gas cap.
The engine is a YS 120 4 stroke with a special after market smoke muffler, an APC propeller and a 5 inch Aluminum spinner. It also has a Simple smoke system. It is equipped with 5 servos and a Futaba receiver on Channel 42. The cockpit is detailed and has a Hangar 9 scale WW2 pilot figure.
I usually glue in my name on a piece of plastic somewhere into the Fuselage assembly.

Great Planes Lancair
This is an Almost Ready to Fly kit. The fuselage is constructed of painted fibreglass and the wings are conventional built up balsa, Beech wood and aircraft plywood with Ultra Cote covering. The wing also has an electronic RAM strobe system on both wingtips and a flashing beacon on the roof of the fuselage.
The engine is an OS 91P 4 stroke. It has a Bolly propeller and a 2.5 inch Aluminum spinner. The wheels are Dubro 2.25 inch with painted to match fiberglass wheel pants. The aircraft has 9 Hitec servos and a 9 Channel PCM receiver on Channel 42. The on off switch was an MPI soft mount one piece switch with a Led Voltage Display. This aircraft has an inspection hatch at the rear underneath the fuselage. There is some ballast weight in the cavity. The wing containing 4 servos was not taken.

Twin Stik
This is an ARF kit from Cedar Hobbies. It is constructed of Balsa and Plywood and Beech wood. It is covered with conventional heat shrink covering. It is red in colour with Black German iron Crosses on a white background.
The engines were matched Irvine 46 two strokes. with Dubro solid coloured spinners. The aircraft has 6 Hitec Servos and a Hitec Supreme Receiver on Channel 42. On board glow was provided by an MPI MX -9900 Super Glow. The on off switch was an MPI on off switch.

Hangar 9 Twist
This is an ARF kit made of balsa, beech wood and aircraft plywood and covered with Ultracote. The engine is an ASP 40 glow engine with a 2 inch aluminum spinner and a 12X4 Zinger wooden propeller. The on off switch is an MPI and a LED flashing light on the front of the cockpit. The aircraft has 4 Hitec servos and a Hitec Supreme receiver on channel 42.
The wing containing 4 servos was not taken in the theft.

Custom Flight Box
As with most Custom Flight Boxes the one stolen is unique and easy identifiable. It is Grey in colour and made of light aircraft plywood and clear cedar. It has several decals on the outside MAAC, Kamloops Model Airplane Society, Pitts Special, Learjet and some smaller decals.
At one end is the fuel section with a Plastic Quart size Glow fuel bottle. It has a hand-crank MPI fuel filler with a retractable fuel line. Also in this section is Simple Green cleaner fluid, Ronson lighter fluid and after run oil, all in separate plastic dispensers.
At the other end is a removable starter unit complete with battery, Hangar 9 charge panel, 3 glow plug starters, a Hobbico Digital Voltmeter Mk 2 with extension cords. A Remote Engine Starter is also plugged into the Hangar 9 charge panel. Built into the box at this end at one side is a Hobbico Accu Field Charger with extension cords. In the middle on one side is a set of pull out trays with supplies. There are about 25 trays each filled with assortments of Glow plugs, nuts and bolts, small screws, fuel tubing, fittings and many miscellaneous parts. On the other side is an assortment of propellers and miscellaneous screws nut and bolts.

Either side is accessed by a dropped door with a special cupped tray to prevent spilling of small items to the ground. There is also a Canadian flag insignia on the side. On top is the handle and a custom paper towel roller.


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