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In Memory of Trevor Frolek
Author: Luella Cousins

On May 28, 2006 the club held the Memorial for Trevor at the field with his family and friends in attendance. Once the plaque was unveiled, the burgers were put on the grill and the flying began again.

Following is the speech that I gave at the memorial.

Good afternoon, thank you for coming. I think most of you know me but for those of you who may not, my name is Luella Cousins. First, I would like to thank the Frolek family for allowing us to continue to fly on this spot and hope that this relationship will continue for many years to come.

I count myself as one of those people fortunate enough to call myself friend to Trevor.

As we pass through life we encounter thousands of people, all of whom have some impact on our life for a minute, a day or longer. Some can be annoying, some an acquaintance or some an interruption.

Trevor was one of those rare individuals you meet who leaves you with a lasting impact which was a combination of trust, empathy, honesty and acceptance. Meeting Trevor was one of profound importance in my life as I found it refreshing to meet someone who had so many principles and ideals without the need to brag or complain, to hide or explain. He was as you saw him. He was a dedicated husband, a loving father, a devoted son and grandson, a supportive husband, a loving father, a devoted son and grandson, a supportive brother, and a warm and lovable nephew, cousin, and friend. Much of his persona was a reflection of his parents, Ray and Donna, who did a commendable job of raising him. I am sure there were times any of them would have disagreed but that is all in the job of raising children.

There were many days he stood at the field with Amber at this side, flying his planes and patiently tending to here needs at all times. Amber stood at his side with her eyes glued to her Dads plane. She never failed to recognize the sound of his planes.

Trevor leaves a legacy to each of us and we onlyhave to stop and consider the man to know what he has left to each of us. He showed me that if you have a quiet confidence in yyourself, anything is possible. His honest attitude toward people showed them exactly who he was and you responded in kind. The most important things in his life were his family. Those values took on new meaning for me when I could see the peacefulness Trevor had with his day to day life.

In short, Trevor will stay with us for all time. Instead of seeing his wings in the sky, we now feel his presence when we attempt that difficult landing or when the spectacular oddity occurs in the air. It is Trevor showing us his wings and letting you know is still with us. In your case today Bill I think Trevor was trying to teach you a litte humility. You had bragged the other day that you had too many planes as you had no crashes.

In our hearts we all know Trevor is still with us and we can reflect in our daily lives with a smile and a cherished memory.

With this in mind, although it took us four years to come to this day we would like to unveil this plaque in honor of Trevor. Each visit tothe field will remind us that is is still flying with us and I am sure if we listen really hard we can hear his wings whistle through the sky.

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All eyes to the skies
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All that was left of Bill's Protege after an uncontrolled nose dive (mechanical misfunction)
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Dave Pelton & Bill
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Family gathering
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Food's coming
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Fred Dreger & his wife attended
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Grandma & Great Grandma and one of the great grandchildren
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Grandpa & his grandchildren
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Group photo of gathering
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Ken & Jerrod flying
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Memorial speech
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One of Trevor's cousins
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Ron Mattson flying
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Some of the children that attended the barbecue
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Some of Trevor's aunts and uncles
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Trevor's mom and another of his nieces
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Trevor's plaque

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