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Engine Cleaner
Author: Bill Cousins

Antifreeze is an effective engine cleaner plain and simple. The other engine cleaning solutions are good but very abrasive. Antifreeze works well and is also a corrosive inhibitor as well. It is in your auto for a reason.

Find a crockpot at a garage sale or one that is not being used at home. Remember once you use it to clean your engines it can no longer be used for food as it will be poisonous. Place it outside or in the garage. Remove the muffler of the two stroke and remove the carb prior to dismantling the engine. You can leave the bearings in as the antifreeze will not harm them or take them out if you prefer. All you are looking to do is clean the head, block and muffler. You can also place the rod piston and crankshaft in if they are dirty. Remember that no rubber parts are to be placed in the solution. Use a small tupperware container stolen from the drawer in the kitchen when the wife is not looking can be used to keep track of all those parts. Take off those O rings carefully and set them aside. Clean these parts with rubbing alcohol but do not use any paint removing products. Use a small paintbrush to clean with and that is it.

Place the parts in the crockpot and fill it with the antifreeze ethylene glycol type so it covers all the parts and turn the crockpot on low or high. Then place the lid back on. Depending on how greasy it is, you can leave it overnight. Remember to take out the glow plug before hand. Mufflers may need another go at it, depending how bad they are. When you have finished, blow them off with air under 50lbs. or just dry them off with a flannel cloth. Check O rings; replace if needed. After 24 hours take the engine and parts out of the pot and blow them off. Be careful, leave them for awhile as they will be hot. No air? Then just wipe it off, do not wash it off with water, you will never get all the water out of it and that is no good for the bearings. Once relatively dry, make sure there is lots of oil inside as there cannot be such a thing as too much oil. Motor oil or transmission fluid is really good and you can also use break in oil. Now just put the engine back together.

4 Stroke Engines
This applies to 4 stroke engines as well, but for these engines you will have to remove the pushrods, tappets, back plate, and all the internal parts including all rubber items. All rubber parts and screws go into the Tupperware container. Do not place the carb in, clean it separately just like the 2 stroke.

Do not use the crockpot for anything else. Place a POISON sticker on it to remind you and everyone else not to use it for food. You can leave the anti-freeze in the crockpot or pour it back in the jug, whichever you prefer. Do not drop any inside or outside, or on the driveway as it is poisonous to you, your family or any pets and animals; just use common sense.

Do not let your engine get so bad thatt you cannot recognize it anymore. If it gets a bit oily and grungy then spend an evening and take the motor off and clean it with rubbing alcohol, that is all you need. Just wipe it off and the rest will evaporate. If you leave it until you cannot recognize it and there is a really big build up of burnt fuel on it, like castor or synthetic oil the heat will not disperse and you will damage your engine. If you still do not believe it is a good cleaner, then place a dirty muffler in and leave it for 24 to 36 hours and you will be amazed as to how clean it is when you take it out.
Check with local authorities on the proper disposal of used antifreeze, you can use it over and over again.


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54 Magnum 4 stroke
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91 Saito 4 Stroke
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A clean engine block
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Dirty .80 Saito 4 stroke
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Dirty .91 Saito
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Dirty Magnum muffler
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Ready to be cleaned
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This is the crockpot I use
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Three mufflers ready to be cleaned

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