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Are You Covered?
Author: Luella Cousins

Having been an insurance agent for some years, I felt it was necessary to draw your attention to some of the details of your home insurance coverage with respect to your r/c flying.

Many people often think that if they have their airplanes or equipment in their vehicle and they are either stolen or damaged, that their vehicle insurance will cover them. Not so. Your vehicle insurance is just that - insurance for your vehicle. None of your personal belongings in the vehicle are covered if you are in an accident or if someone breaks into your vehicle and steals your things. The insurance responding to a claim for your belongings would be your house, condo or tenants package.

Our association, M.A.A.C. provides insurance coverage when you obtain your membership but this is strictly for your liability exposure as a remote control flyer. Liability is damage for which you would be found legally liable in a court of law. For example, if you were flying and lost control of your airplane and it hit a vehicle causing damage and for which the owner demands payment for, your liability coverage through the association would respond. The same would be true if your plane hit someone causing personal injury.

But what if, like my husband, you travel back and forth to work with your airplanes in the back of your truck so you can get a few flights in after work? What would happen if someone broke into the truck and stole your radios and equipment and damaged or stole your airplanes? Who would provide coverage for this? It should be your home, condo or tenants coverage that will respond to the loss.

Be careful - not all insurance companies are created equal. I asked several companies if their coverage would apply to cover remote control airplanes along with all the paraphanalia that goes with them. I received various responses from them. One company would cover, no questions asked. The coverage would be for theft, vandalism, fire or damage to them resulting from a collision with a vehicle. None of the companies will cover the damage if you destroy the plane while you are flying them. In this respect, your coverage is limited but your main concern would be fire, theft or damage during transport.

Some of the insurance companies still classify the remote control airplane with the full scale airplane and therefore offer no coverage at all. The definitions of aircraft within their wordings are applicable it seems, to the remote control airplane.

I have seen a lot of the airplanes out there and I know there is a lot of money tied up in them for some of the avid flyers. Don't lose out by failing to check on your insurance coverage. Call your agent and ask them to verify, in writing, that coverage would apply for fire, theft or collision while being transported. Be prepared to give them a ball park figure as to the money involved so they can make a note of it on their files and at the same time, ensure that your coverages are sufficient to cover your normal household property as well as your airplanes and equipment.

This is an area where a lot of people have not thought to check out. If you have any questions, you may contact me at and I will try to help you out by answering your questions.

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