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High Country Flyers Snow Fly and Poker Run
Author: Bill Cousins

The day dawned with a lot of sunshine which lasted throughout the day. The temperatures were fairly warm and the hospitality of the club even warmer.

To begin with each person who registered was given one playing card. One more card would be given to each registered person after each round was flown until a total of five rounds were flown. The person who received the best stud poker hand received half of the pot.

One of the events was a Climb-n-glide. The pilots were given 45 seconds after flying level with a specific point to achieve as much altitude as possible. When the timer commanded he had to cut his throttle to minimum and glide as long as he could. A dead stick was considered a legal flight. Time stopped at touch down or when the pilot throttled up. Ernie Kidd won this event with a whopping 2:12 sec.

Another of the events was the most loops. After takeoff when the timer and the pilot are ready, the timer said go and started timing. The pilot was given one minute to complete the most loops possible. There was a seperate person counting the loops. Christine won this event with an amazing 15 loops.

The other event was the fastest takeoff and landing. The pilot, with his plane running on the start line, took off at the go signal. The pilot had to take off and land as quickly as possible. The plane had to be capable of another flight for the flight to be legal. The plane had to travel through a full 360 degrees. This event was won by Rob Dover { this was quick } 14 sec.

The best crash of the day would be judged by all the pilots. Luckily, no one won this category. There were a few minor mishaps but nothing that constituted a crash.

The last event was for a spot landing. The pilot landing their plane closest to the cross marked on the runway would win the event. This event was shared by two people Ernie Kidd & Rob Dover

There were a lot of entries for the poker run coming from as far away as 100 Mile House. Someone had made a pot of chili for the flyers. Everyone who registered got a certificate of participation.

The day started at 10:00 and things started winding down around 2:00. There was only about six inches of snow and the crusty snow was great for skiis but slippery for floats.

The best hand for half the pot went to Ron Elliott from High Country Flyers.

click to enlarge

Big cub with a very nice set of floats, and gear assembly.
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Even a helicopter flying in the snow.
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Every flyer that registered recieved a certificate.
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Good looking Bi-Plane on skiis.
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Good looking high wing { Note neat cowl }
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High Country Flyers Club House.
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LT-40 on floats
click to enlarge

Nice twin engine {2 Two Stroke Engines}
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Planes lined up ready to go.
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Ready for action.
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Seamaster, it flew very well.
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Telemaster on Floats
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The snow was excellent for skiis.

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