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2006 Mall Show
Author: Luella Cousins

After missing having a mall show in 2005, the club decided to do it again this year. The Sahali Mall was more than happy to have us come back and had everything ready for us. All we had to do was bring in the planes.

November 16th through November 19th, we filled the tables with some great examples of our planes. The planes varied from tail draggers to tricycle gear, from wheels to skiis to floats. There were small planes, large planes, electric planes and even a helicopter.

Lots of people stopped by to have a look, ask some questions and vote on their favourite plane. The club has a People's Choice Award for the plane with the most votes. The last mall show had Bill Cousins winning the trophy with his Corsair. The winning plane from the past year is not eligible for the show the next time so the Corsair stayed home.

The most popular plane on the tables was the Four Star 40 and Four Star 60 models. These are a lot of fun to fly as well as being one of the lesser in cost. The small Park Flyer is able to fly in some very small places and can be flown early in the morning without worrying about the noise upsetting people.

Flying videos were played thoughout the display days so that people could have a look at the realistic appearance of the planes when they are flown.

As in the past, there seems to be an ongoing interest in the sport of flying. Members of the other clubs stopped by to visit as did a large majority of the shoppers that came to the mall.

When the votes were all in the voting was as follows:

Votes Owner Plane
9 , Bill Cousins , Tiger 60
56 , Dave Pelton , Century Hughes 300 Helicopter
5 , Dave Pelton , Goldberg Cub
20 , Jurgen Stolte , 4 Star 60
4 , Ken Martin , Protege
29 , Ken Martin , Cub
22 , Bill Cousins , LT-40
8 , Jurgen Stolte , Tower Hobbies
57 , Bill Cousins , Protege
6 , Ken Martin , Spad
2 , Ken Martin , Spad Wing
11 , Len Keyes , Cub
11 , Ed Picard , Tiger Trainer
103 , Bill Cousins , Cub
4 , Ron Mattson , Midstar 40
9 , Dan Creegan , Sig 4 Star 40
3 , Dan Creegan , Park Zone
5 ,David Monpetit , 4 Star 40
9 , Ron Mattson , Spacewalker
5 ,Ed Picard , Cessna 182

Bill won the trophy for his Cub and took second place with his Progege. Third place went to David Pelton with his helicopter. All of the planes got votes and they all deserved to win. As a pilot of one of these remarkable planes, enjoying the challenge of flight all of these pilots are winners.

Keep your wings level and we'll see you at the next mall show.

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72" Cub .72 4-Stroke Satio
click to enlarge

80" Cub .72 Satio 4-Stroke
click to enlarge

A lot of stories told
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All Grounded
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And the winner is for Peoples Choice Award
click to enlarge

Bill at Mall Show 2006
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Bill, Ed, Dan, and Ken talking about the show.
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Carl Goldberg Cub .91 Satio 4-Stroke
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Century Hughes Heli.
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Christine from the Kamloops Model Airplane Club stopped by to visit.
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Cub on Floats .61 ASP 2-Stroke
click to enlarge

Fascinated by planes and Grampa
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Lots of people asking questions
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Lt-40 on Floats .80 Satio 4-Stroke
click to enlarge

Megatech House-Fly MTC9512
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Mid Star .47 GMS 2-Stroke
click to enlarge

One of our members visiting
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Park Zone Lama
click to enlarge

Park Zone Typhoon Park Flyer
click to enlarge

Proteg'e on Floats -91 4-Siroke Satio
click to enlarge

Proteg'e on skis .91 4-Stroke Satio
click to enlarge

Sig 4-star 60 .91 Thunder Tiger 4-Stroke
click to enlarge

Sig. 4-Star 40 {ARF } .47 Leo 2-Stroke
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Sig. 4-Star-40 Kit .56 4-Stroke Satio
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Spad .72 GMS 2-Stroke
click to enlarge

The tables are full
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This is the People's Choice Award Trophy
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Tiger 60 .72 GMS 2-Stroke
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Tiger Trainer .47 GMS 2-Stroke

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