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Eflite Blade MCX Helicopter
Author: Bill Cousins

I have flown planes for a long time, also building them before I was married, so getting into helicopters was the furthest thing from my mind. One day a fellow clulb member phoned me up and wanted me to come up and look at the new helicopter he had just purchased. There I was having a cup of tea in his kitchen and he brought in an Eflite MCX helicopter that he flies in his living room. I was astonished at the size of the helicopter as it was so small but well detailed. He told me to watch it fly so we went into the living room. I could not believe my eyes as I had not seen anything like that before. It basically just stayed in one spot and hovered. This was simply amazing. He commented that it was one of the best small electric helicopters he had flown. So what does he do but gives me the transmitter, showed me the controls and there I was flying it. I was hooked. The next day I ordered one and the rest, as they say, is history.

This is an Eflite MCX micro sized helicopter which offers first time heli pilots the ability to learn and react through its unsurpassed stability. Let's have a closer look at this helicopter. The length is 7.9 inches and the height is 4.9 inches. The main rotor diameter is 7.5 inches with the main motors, of which there are two, micro coreless. It uses a 3.7 volt 110 MAA lipo battery and weighs in at an incredible 1 ounce with the battery installed. The MCX comes complete with everything needed to fly right out of the box. (Pic 4)

When you open the box and look inside there is the helicopter and the transmitter which is a 2.4 ghz DSM2 four channel radio. Also included are a battery charger, 8 AA batteries and one 3.7 volt 110 MAH battery. All you have to do is install the batteries in the transmitter and in the charger. Charge the 110 MAH battery which takes about 20 minutes, install in in the helicopter and go fly.

As a result of the 5 in 1 receiver mixer gyro this unit is very stable. This unit gives success for first timers and gives a person time to react to the inputs and be successful in their first flights. Most helicopters are 3 in 1 or maybe 4 in 1 and I don't consider these to be first time helis as they are not as stable and are very touchy on the controls. The Blade MCX is one tough little guy and not subject to damage as long as you are careful. The key is to throttle down if you think it is flying into the wall or falling off the table. This way you relax the helicopter and usually the damage is non-existent.

Eflite has a very good parts list and the parts are very reasonablyl priced. There is also a glow in the dark kit that can be purchased which includes four blades, body, skids, swashplate and the fin. When you shut the light out this little machine will glow which is neat. The MCX is not a toy, it is a fully functionable 4 channel helicopter so safety should still be on your mind at all times. If the blades strike your face or some other parts of your body it will hurt or cut. Also keep it away from your pets. Make sure you read the instructions thoroughly and maybe once more to get used to the inputs and you will be flying in no time.

I have literally hours on my MCX flying it everyday and it runs perfectly. It has not sustained any damage other than I had to replace the inner shaft. It got caught between the fridge and the stove but about 15 minutes later I was back flying. I have a spare set of blades, fly bar, and inner shaft.

If you purchase an MCX always buy yourself two or three extra batteries. This way you can keep flying and they are relatively inexpensive. Eflite really did their homework when putting this unit together. It is a joy to fly and it is such a complete unit.

The MCX is not an outdoor flier as it is too small and too light. It is meant to fly indoors only. Always do a check list before flying and follow the one Eflite has in the instruction manual. Always remember to turn the transmitter on first, then plug the battery in for the MCX, and when the battery is getting low unplug the battery for the MCX first before you shut off your transmitter. You will notice after flying for awhile a red light in the heli will start blinking and it will start losing power. That is the time to shut it down and recharge the battery. Never force it to fly any long or it will drain the battery to nothing and ruin the battery so it no longer takes a charge.

I hope you have as much fun flying the MCX as I have. It is a real gem to fly.

NOTE: The two red dots go together when you insert the battery into the heli. Do not try to plug the battery in any other way or you will blow the 5 in 1 unit. The Eflite MCX also comes as a bind and fly which means it comes complete in the box but excludes the transmitter so you can bind it to just about any of the 2.4 spektrum radios.

NOTE TO WOMEN: If your significant other purchases one of these helicopters, praise their expertise in fluttering around your kitchen space. I have had to tell my husband that should he venture into the living room, this is classified as enemy territory and his fleet will be grounded until further notice.

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