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Heli Max CoAxle Helicopter
Author: Bill Cousins

The Heli Max AXE EZ is a coaxle helicopter with a main rotor span of 13.5 inches, length 14.5 inches, height 7.0 inches and weight of 7.5 ounces. It also has 130 size brushed motors.

When purchased it comes with the heli, transmitter, charger, 7.4 volt lipo battery, extra landing gear, training gear and an extra set of blades. Not too bad. The transmitter is a 4 channel FM and not a 2.4 GH.

The motors in the Heli Max are smaller but still fly very well. I was amazed at just how well it really flies. It is very stable in the air, the turns are good and hovering is very respectable.

The parts are a little harder to purchase at hobby shops as I have not seen them carry these in stock but they can be purchased from Heli Max in Champaign, Illinois.

If it is your first heli, install the training gear that comes with it and you will save it from blade strikes against the wall and it will also be more stable.

This heli flies very well indoors and out but it has to be dead calm to fly outside. If flying indoors, you need a large room, away from small children and pets. Remember to keep it away from your body and face. This is a little machine and not a toy so if you treat it as such, you should be successful in flying and not having to replace any broken parts.

Always read the manual 2 or 3 times before you fly to get acquainted with the heli. There are always items of interest missed on the first read.

Have fun with it. This is a very stable, well made coaxle helicopter.
Remember this is a li-po battery so do not charge it inside the house. Charge the battery outside using a li-po safe bag, they are safe but can explode and catch fire.

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HeliMax photo 1
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HeliMax photo 2

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