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Eflite Blade CX2
Author: Bill Cousins

The Eflite Blade CX2 is a coaxle helicopter; main rotor diameter is 13.6 inches and has 180 size motors. The overall weight with the battery is 8.0 ounces. The RTF (ready to fly) comes with the CX2 heli, LP5D5M transmitter, plus batteries, an Eflite 2-3 cell 7.4 11.1 volt lipo battery, balancing charger plus one 7.4V 800 MAH 2 cell battery pack.

The BNF (bind and fly) model comes with the Eflite CX2 heli, the balancing charger and the battery less the transmitter. The BNF model will bind with the following transmitters - Eflite LP5DSM, HP6DSM, JRX903 2.4, Eflite MLP4DSM, Specktrum DX5E, DX61 and the DX7 and the JR12X 2.4.

The heli has good power but flying outside has to be in calm weather because in a wind it does not have enough power to compensate for a head wind. You can also purchase optional motor heat sinks. You will need 2 of them which I highly recommend you install if you are flying a lot. The heat sinks cool the motors and takes some of the heat that is generated away. I have the heat sinks in mine.

There are also optional aluminum parts that can be purchased that include a swatchplate, lower rotor head set and a bearing holder with bearing. These items when installed make flying the heli more precise and I have included the items on my CX2.

I highly recommend after one flight with the battery that you cool the motors in the CX2 to ambient temperature before the next flight. Do not charge the battery until it is also at ambient temperature. The motors and batteries will last a lot longer.

With the CX2 you can change the body shell. The options include the marine body and the jet ranger body. Both bodies look great when installed.

Do not charge any lipo batteries inside the house for safety's sake. These batteries can explode and catch fire. When charging a li-po battery of any size, place them outside in a li-po safe bag which can be purchased readily from a hobby store. Don't be scared of the batteries but do use the safety precautions.

If trimmed out properly you should have a lot of fun with the CX2. I enjoy flying it as it is quite a responsive coaxle heli.

It should be treated as a machine and not as a toy. If this is your first or second heli I highly recommend that you purchase a training gear set and install it before your first flight. The CX2 will be more stable and the yellow balls on the ends will strike the walls first instead of the blades.

If flying in the house with the CX2, make sure you have enough room for it and that no small children or pets are present. Keep a good distance away from the heli with your body and your face.

Fly lots and have fun. I also recommend buying a second battery so you won't have much down time. When charging the battery it takes between one half to one hour to charge.

Always read the manual 2 or 3 times to aquaint yourself with your new helicopter. There are always a few items of interest that are missed the first time around.

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CX2 in Fllight
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CX2 in the Box
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CX2 Military Body
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CX2 with Aluminum Gear
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Jet Ranger Body
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Military Body

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