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Parkzone Vapor
Author: Bill Cousins

The Vapor is a superb indoor flyer especially for beginners to fly through the winter months. It gives them the basics of flying before they start flying outdoors in a club.
The vapor is made up of a carbon fibre frame with a plastic film covering and about the slowest most stable indoor flyer there is. When you purchase a RTF {Ready to Fly} the box includes the vapor, transmitter, the charger, one 70mah battery and 8 batteries, 4 for the transmitter and 4 for the charger.

Read the manual carefully and you will be flying just as fast as you can charge the battery. You may want to buy a couple of extra batteries for it when you buy the vapor; this way you can keep flying as you are charging the other batteries. It takes about half an hour to charge the battery, and you get about 20-25 charges out of the 1.5v batteries that come with the plane.

These indoor flyers work especially well in a school gym or a very big room in your house and can fly it outdoors but it has to be DEAD calm, so keep it close as it is small and very transparent. Parts are readily available and easy to repair. If a part of the plastic covering comes away from the frame just use a little clear scotch tape to attach it back and you are up flying again. .

The BNF (bind and fly) version comes with everything except the transmitter and can be bound to the LP5DSM, Spektrum DX7, DX6I, DX5E, also JRX9303 and Spektrum modules for JR and Futaba but is not compatible for DX6. The reciever is a 2.4 GHZ DSM2 fully functional 3 channel receiver board and the transmitter that comes with Vapor {RTF} also has dual rate for rudder and elevator.

It is a real blast to fly, and when you get more than one flying at a time (like 5-10 flying in a gym) it's amazing. You have to remember to watch your own plane.

You can also use the 110 and the 120 MAH bateries that can be purchased from a hobby store and also the 150 MAH battery as long as it is 3.7 volt mostly used in the MCX and the MSR Heli. But you really don't need them as the 70 MAH that is fully charged is more than enough for a 10 to 15 minute flight.

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Parkzone Vapor
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Parkzone Vapor
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Parkzone Vapor
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Parkzone Vapor Upside Down
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Parkzone Vapor Upside Down

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