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Parkzone Micro Ember
Author: Bill Cousins

The Parkzone Ember is the next step up from the Vapor. This can be your first or second indoor micro flyer, but is quite a bit faster than the Vapor. The Ember is a very stable and well made plane, different from the vapor as it is built of carbon fiber with foam wings and tail.

You can buy this as a RTF {ready to fly} or BNF {bind and fly} and if you have a vapor the transmitter will work for the Ember too. The Ember uses the same motor and gear box, prop, and receiver [2.4] and also the same 3.7v 70mah battery. The RTF comes with the plane, transmitter, charger, 8 batteries and a 3.7v 70 mah li-po battery for the plane. The BNF version comes with the plane, 4 batteries and a 3.7 70mah battery. The ember is also compatible with the following transmitters, PKZ3341DSM, LP5DSM, MLP4DSM, Spektrum DX7, DX6I, DX5E, JRX9303, JR12 2.4, and DSM2 module for the JR and Futaba transmitters.

When plugging the battery into the receiver connector, do not plug it in wrong or you will short out the receiver and that is expensive. When you take it out of the box all you have to do is charge the battery and install the landing gear and go fly. Cut two small holes in the bottom styrofoam box for the wheels and you won't have to take off the landing gear every time. Buy an extra battery to fly while the other one is on charge. It takes about one half hour for a full charge. Remember with the RTF transmitter you have dual rate on the right stick, just push it down once and you have either high or low rate. Parts for the Ember are readily availible from any hobby store but being a very sturdy and well built micro plane it is not easily broken.

Three years ago there was nothing much out on the market for indoor flying other than box stores selling some small foam planes and some three channel heli's, but were really not that good. NOW there is everything under the sun, Parkzone bringing out the Vapor, Ember J3 cub, Mustang, Sukoi and others also E-flite bringing out the MCX, MSR, Tandem heli. and the micro 4-Site and other manufacturers too many to list. Gives a person a headache as to which one to buy, the only way to beat that is to buy them all.


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Parkzone Ember BNF

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