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Parkzone Micro Mustang
Author: Bill Cousins

The Micro Mustang is a aerobatic 4 channel {motor,elevator rudder,aileron} fast and well thought out indoor or outdoor flyer. It can be purchased as a RTF {ready to fly} or BND {bind and fly}. At only 1.2 oz's the Mustang can be flown in a gym, or outside in an area free of trees and in winds under 5 kmh's. In a gym, unless it is real big it is quite fast and have to be on the controls and concentrating all through the flight.

The {RTF] Mustang comes factory assembled including the plane, transmitter,3.7v 120mah battery, DC li-po charger and 8 batteries. The {BNF} comes with the plane,a 3.7v 120MAH Li-Po battery,DC Li=Po charger and 4 batteries.Then just bind it to your 2.4 radio. It is best if you have a 2.4GH computer radio to bind it with, then the plane can be programmed to what ever you want, EG: high- low rate, mix rudder and aileron and exponential etc.Do not go over 100 percent on your transmitter settings or you could override the servos.

The following transmitters will bind to the Mustang reciever, Parkzone Vapor and Ember2, E-flite LP5DSM, MLP4DSM, HP6DSM, Spektrum DX5E, DX6I, DX7, DX7SE, also the JR-X9303 2.4, JR-12X 2.4. The DX6 is not compatible with the reciever. Remember to install the 3.7V 120MAH flight battery correctly or you will damage the reciever. It's a good idea to purchase a couple of extra batteries so if one is charging you can keep flying, it takes about one half an hour to charge the Li-PO battery. The Mustang has a low voltage soft cut-out that occurs when the flight battery reaches 3V under load. The ESC's of the reciever unit will reduce the power to the motor and that's an indication it's time to land or it could damage the battery. Also after your flight, the battery is warm so leave it until it becomes cool to the touch {ambieant temp.} then at this time you can charge it.

If flying outside, the plane flies very straight and true in a calm or slight windy conditions and very responsive. The parts are readily available from any hobby store and if not in stock they can order them for you. Start your first flights with low rate settings and if you have a computer radio, add a little exponential then work your way up to high rate. To fly it scale like all you need is low rate. If flying on grass then take off the landing gears and hand launch it and when you land cut the power off a foot or so before you land.

Read the manual 2-3 times so you don't miss anything and get aquainted with the plane, it also has a lot of good infornation in it. Also it comes with a very respectable cardboard fitted box and should be transported in it all the time to prevent damage to the plane. This won't be your first or second plane if you have not flown before, but if you have flown a high wing outside or indoors in a gym for example for a couple of months then you should be ready for the Musteng, And don't be afraid to ask for help if needed. Remember this is a fast plane and the speed has to be kept- up, it does not float like a high wing.

So fly safe and have fun with it, and fly in an area clear of small children and pets.

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Mustang BNF, Plane,Charger,4 Batteries, and a 120 MAH Battery
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Parkzone Micro Mustang
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Parkzone Micro Mustang in a Box

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