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E-Flite Ultra Micro 4-Site
Author: Bill Cousins

The E-Flite Ultra Micro 4-Site is a fully functional 4 channel 3D highly manouverable aerobatic plane. The 4 Site does every manouver very well and very precise. It come in two versions, the Bind and Fly and the Plug and Play.

The BNF comes with the plane and two 150 Mah 1 cell 3.7v batteries and a celectra 4 port 1 cell 3.7v DC li-po charger. The PNP only comes with the plane, fully equipped and all you need is a 150 Mah battery and a transmitter. You must use 150 Mah batteries for the plane as the other 3.7v 1 cell batteries do not have enough power, e.g. 130-120-110 Mah batteries.

All DSM2 equipped with transmitters will bind to the receiver but recommend using a computer 2.4 GHZ transmitter that has dual rate and exponential functions as well as mixing capabilities on it. The following DSM2 transmitters are recommended to fly the 4 Site: Spektrum, DX61, DX7, DX7SE and the JRX9303 2.4 and the JR12X 2.4. Other transmitters that have DSM2-2.4 modules and that are computer radios should work fine.

The 4 Site also comes with speed brakes which can be attached and this slows the plane down but also drains the battery a bit more. You can attach them with foam safe ca glue or something else. I attached mine with two pieces of clear scotch tape, one small piece on each side of the speed brake. If I want to remove them I can just peel off the tape. Parts are readily available for the 4 Site through a hobby shop. I suggest purchasing an extra battery and a spare prop. Two props come in the package. You can fly the 4 Site indoors in a gym or fly it outdoors in calm conditions or winds up to 5 Kmh. Make sure to fly it in a clear area away from small children and pets.

I hope you have as much fun as I am having with it. Also, the 4 Site should not be flown at full throttle in a straight line for very long as it is built for aerobatic manouvers and performs much better this way.

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E- flite 4-Site
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E- flite 4- Site
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E- flite 4-Site
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E-flite 4- Site

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